GOlden JAckal informal study Group in Europe (GOJAGE)
Canis aureus Linnaeus, 1758 ssp moreoticus I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1835
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Reproductive group of golden jackals of Gorizia Karst area (NE Italy)
Place: Agro-touristic farm where semi-wild grazing of livestock is practiced with traditional methods. Gorizia Karst, the northern portion of Karst plateau, characterized by extreme scarcity of surface water. Gorizia Karst has low altitude and no-prolonged snow cover periods. The environment is dominated by arid grasslands with dense shrub cover of Rhus cotinus.
Video by Stefano Pecorella, late August to mid-October 2013. Copyright © 2013 [Stefano Pecorella] (here)
Jackal monitoring by GOJAGE
Peljesac Peninsula Croatia, Danube Delta Romania
PARADIS (CHAGALJ) 2012 (here)
Canis aureus moreoticus
somewhere in Danube Delta, 
Video recorded on 13.10.2012 by Ovidiu C. Banea & Cristian R. Papp
Copyright © 2012 [Ovidiu C. BANEA]. All Rights Reserved.
Canis aureus in Elkhovo Bulgaria
Video recorded on 05.06.2012 by Krassimir Kurtev & Stanislav Petrov (Wild Bulgaria NGO)
Copyright © 2012 [Krassimir Kurtev & Ovidiu C. BANEA]. All Rights Reserved.
Canis aureus in Rural Park Alture di Polazzo NE Italy
Footprints in Leteaskogen 2009, first observation of possible jackal in the famous forest Reserve
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. Nowadays, reproductive groups were reported.

Jackal in Dobruja during Anubis 2011 survey organized by Crispus NGO Sibiu

Jackal road-killed in Artvin, NE Turkey  Copyright © 2012 [Coşkun TEZ & Osman İBİŞ]. All Rights Reserved.

L. LAPINI et al., 2011. Italian jackals 1984-2011.An updated review (Canis aureus: Carnivora, Canidae)
Habitat used by some reproductive group of golden jackal in north-eastern Italy
1- Riverbed of the Tagliamento River (Prealpi Carniche, Udine Province), photo L. Lapini. 
2- Aceri-Tilietum mesophilous woods (Julian Pre-Alps, Udine Prov.), photo T. Fiorenza. 
3- Agricoltural lowland landscapes (Udine surroundings), photo L. Lapini. 
4- Karstic environment near the Polje of Doberdò (Gorizia Province), photo A. Scarpa. 

Radio tracking Canis aureus in Greece Copyright © 2002 [Giorgos GIANNATOS]. All Rights Reserved.

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