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Canis aureus Linnaeus, 1758 ssp moreoticus I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1835
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Luca Lapini, Luca Dorigo, Paolo Glerean, M. Manuela Giovannelli "Status of some species protected by Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC in Friuli Venetia Giulia (NE Italy) (Invertebrates, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals)" GORTANIA, Botanica  Zoologia  35 (2013) 61-139 Udine, 10.XII.2014 ISSN: 2038-0402 The Authors outline the present situation and distribution maps of 118 animal species of European Community interest protected by the EU 92/43/EEC Directive in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (North-eastern Italy). (PDF)
Peep Männil, Inga Jõgisalu, Janis Ozolins, Urmas Saarma, Tiit Maran Golden Jackal New Carnivore in Northern Europe?9th Baltic Theriological Conference Daugavpils Latvia, 16 – 18 October, 2014 (PDF)

- Janez Tarman & Jasna Mladenovic "The interesting thing about Pelješac (2014) is that population densities are so high, and jackals are so used to people that it is possible to observe them by day..." website, Facebook, Anthropogenic youtube

- Stefano Filacorda, Barbara Franzetti, Piero Genovesi, Stefano Pecorella "Alla Conquista dell´Italia" 2014 (PDF)

Cristian-Remus Papp, Ovidiu C Banea* & Roxana Tudosa: New data on distribution range, population density and management aspects of the golden jackal in Romania (updated to 2013). 1st Jackal Symposium, Veliko Gradiste, Serbia 2014 (PPT)

- Luca Lapini & Ovidiu C Banea*: Life-history traits, anthropogenic expansion and conservation status of the GJ in Europe 1st Jackal Symposium, Veliko Gradiste, Serbia 2014 (PPT)

- Ovidiu C Banea*, Wieslaw Bogdanowicz, Miha Krofel, Vasyl I. Pridatko, Dusko Cirovic, Peep Männil, Grygory Kolomitsev: Long-distance dispersal of the golden jackal across biogeographical European regions. Theoretical model of jackal natural colonization on Boreal biogeographical region in Estonia and Latvia mainly based on high adaptability of the golden jackal species with large litters up to 8 cubs, with weaning from 75th day of birth and reproductive age of 1 year old (Ivory A, 1999) possible traits of both r and K strategies, large exercise endurance up to 50-60 km per day (Heltai, 2014) 1st Jackal Symposium, Veliko Gradiste, Serbia 2014 (PPT)


 Luca Lapini & Ovidiu Banea Life-history traits, anthropogenic expansion and 
conservation problems of the golden jackal in Europe Storia naturale, espansione antropogena e problemi di conservazione dello sciacallo dorato in Europa (Mammalia: Canidae: Canis aureus moreoticus I. Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, 1835). Submitted to publication in Boll. MuscivStnat. Venezia (Dic 2012)

Lapini L., 2012. Der Goldscakal (Canis aureus moreoticus) in Europa. In: GANSLOSSER U., 2012. Hund, Wolf & Co. Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Canids “Wolf & Co 2011”,     October, 28-   30th, 2011, Nuembrecht, Germany. Filander  Verl.  GmbH, Germany: 181-210.


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